Get Glowing, Smooth, Silky-Soft Skin With This Japanese Hexagon Weave Exfoliating Towel

Made with all-natural antibacterial silver that prevents 99.9% of bacteria growth

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Deep Exfoliation 
Has Never Been So smooth

Indulge in luxurious exfoliation and a deeply-cleansing experience as this breakthrough shower scrub lifts dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities to reveal bright, glowing skin.


  • Lacks the right texture for an effective peel

  • Allows bacteria and mildew to accumulate quickly

  • Need to be replaced very often


  • Ideal density helps stimulate skin cell renewal

  • Silver Infused Fibers Kill 99,9% Of Bacteria 

  • Lasts 20X Longer

"This Exfoliating Washcloth Will Turn Your Shower Into a Japanese Spa"

Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells

Stimulates Fresh Cell Turnover

Prevents Odors & Bacteria Growing

Gentle Enough For Sensitive  Skin

Exfoliation Made Easy

A better exfoliating experience, with Hexagon woven fibers and 2 level of exfoliating

Softer And Cleaner Skin

The softest and cleanest you'll ever feel

No More Musty Loofah

Kills 99.9% of bacteria. Helps prevent breakouts, keratosis pilaris and other like-issues

Cover Hard To Reach Areas

Its extra-long length gives you a firm grip on the towel so you can exfoliate your elbows, back, and more!

Perfect Leather

Pair with your favorite body wash for a thick and rich lather

“Best shower accessory I’ve ever purchased. Only downside is that it’s now impossible to go back to any plain old loofa.”

Sandy M.

New York, NY

Try it for 30 days.

If you don't love it, we'll refund you – no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Brenda Rodgers
Love this scrubber

Enjoying this product since I received.. So easy to use and size wonderful. Can see difference in my skin

Ronnie G
It works great!

My wife likes this product for personal hygiene.

Robert Hansen
Great product!

Got it to remove dry skin from areas not easily reached, heel, ankles bottom of feet, back. Followed by a good moisturizer, it works great.

Great product!

Use this every shower!

Exfoliate easy

Very light wt. But works well, so worth the money spent. Will buy in the future for gifts.

Katherine Malaha
Love it. Especially using it

Have you ever just given up on finding that perfect all over body exfoliating item? I am here to say the Sima exfoliating towel is amazing! You can even put your favorite body scrub on this and get twice the results while not missing a single area.

Stephanie Shyne
I love these. They make my skin soft

When I first received this item after opening the package my initial thought was this was a waste of money until I used it then I thought this product is AMAZING. Well worth the money, I will never use another puff sponge for my shower again. I love this!!!!

Courtney P.
Great Product!

These sima exfoliating shower towel are fab. They dry really quickly and are anti-bacterial. I am so happy. Perfect purchase!!

Trissanne C.
The first time I used

The first time I used in the shower as a washcloth was awesome

David B
Does the job!

Scrubs good. Lathers well. Rough and exfoliatey. Comes as a long piece big enough to get at all the spots.

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